The core aims of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Micromobility

Vision: For micromobility in all of its forms to be understood and embraced as a healthier and more environmentally-friendly way to travel short distances, reducing traffic congestion and pollution. We aim to help shape the future of micromobility to maximise its positive societal and environmental impact.

Mission: To use our role as Parliamentarians to promote all forms of micromobility.

Values: As an All-Party Group of Parliamentarians we will work with representatives of organisations in the private, public, and third sectors that share our vision and are supportive of our mission.


  1. To review evidence, research, and best practice in the micromobility sector.
  2. To assess the extent and success of initiatives and developments that promote increased uptake of micromobility, including the government future of mobility strategy.
  3. To develop recommendations resulting in changes to government policy and practice at national and local government level, based on our findings.

Key activities undertaken by the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Micromobility (APPGM) include meetings in parliament, study tours, receptions and micromobility-related events and activities.